Catherine “Cat” Leigh

I’ve been singing for as long as I can clearly remember, and even earlier, I’ve heard. I got the performance bug when I was only about 8, when I got the chance to sing in front of our church. I loved it so much, I wanted to do it every week! I was also in the choir almost every year in school, but I never considered singing as anything more than a hobby until I was in my late twenties. The years between high school graduation and then (the time most singers are actively pursuing their career) were spent earning a bachelor’s degree, marrying my high school sweetheart and starting our family… completely backward according to conventional wisdom, right?!

Always finding outlets for my musical passion, I joined the Kent State Orchestra, played french horn in a local community orchestra in Columbus, and sang in our church worship team. After some serious prayer and soul searching, I became serious about making this hobby a legitimate career. With 3 daughters at home and a full-time working husband, what are the odds of that happening, right? Not to be deterred, however, I studied voice and songwriting with Karen Leigh (no relation) at the Levite School of Music in Columbus, Ohio. Also, finding local musicians, I co-founded Catherine Leigh & The Scioto River Band (they still meet weekly all these years later). Just as I think maybe, just maybe this will be a good start, God intervened with a job offer for my husband. Columbus, Ohio? NOPE! You get to move to Connecticut! Back to square one… great! (Don’t get me wrong, this was a GREAT opportunity for us, and such a blessing for our kids, there really was NO animosity at all, but that doesn’t make for a “dramatic re-telling”.)

Wondering “God, what’s going on here? I seem to have a good thing starting, and BLAM! I’m moving 500 miles away.” Well, fortunately, God is good. After settling in (for a year… God is also patient, even when I’m not!), and finding a church home, I joined the worship team, and even co-lead on occasion. It wasn’t long after that when I was asked to join the Tifton Carver Worship Band, a very active New England area traveling band. Around this time, I also had the privilege to study briefly with Christine Ohlman, (the “Beehive Queen”), an SNL blues legend. We also found a new church home, and I quickly joined the worship team there as well. When the Tifton Carver band disbanded in 2014, I filled the time with various other projects, such as doing session vocals, moonlighting in a few local bands, lyric writing, working with a retired music producer to record a few songs, as well as joining up with George Tifft on his now solo “Do Good” tour when he was back in the New England area.

During all this time, I was always singing in some way, still working towards this as a career, but not quite sure what project would let me pursue my passion. Then an idea came, through prayer & patience (something I had been forced to learn since being uprooted from Ohio… again, God is patient, even when I’m not). Why not do it on my own? Well, I just knew my husband, supportive as he always is, but also the practical one, would surely be able to list the reason why I should NOT do this. His response: “Absolutely! We need a PA, but we can get that this weekend! Start booking… this is a great idea!” Lets just say I was more than shocked. So, I started booking and performing, this time on my own. I have since started Child of God Ministries to encompass the entire range of worship, prayer, seminars & outreach projects that have evolved from that fateful question to my husband.

So, now the worship leader at our church, solo performer, full time wife & mother, doing occasional work in our basement-turned-music & recording studio, and performing with a few other bands (Second Nature and Red Hot Horns) my schedule is full, my joy unspeakable, and my vision… well, that’s in God’s hands, but I’ve learned to be patient, and enjoy the ride because…

“In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy paths.” – Proverbs 3:6

Lots of Love